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An Australian Federal Police Check, all the more normally known as an AFP Check, is the most legitimate and verify sort of police check in Australia. It is the main police check acknowledged by the Australian Departments of Home Affairs and Immigration for movement purposes.

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National Police Check is a report given by the Australian Federal Police that rundowns an individual’s disclosable court results and any pending charges. Data is sourced from the databases of each Australian police locale, and the report uncovers an individual’s disclosable court results just as any pending charges.

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What’s The Difference Between A National Police Check an AFP Check?

Understand the pros and cons of each police check so you can choose the type that’s right for your needs.

Regardless of whether you’re going after a position, finishing visa applications, or in any event, embracing from abroad, it very well may be hard to decide if a National Police Check or an Australian Federal Police Check is the correct sort of police check to address your issues. We should take a gander at the upsides and downsides of each police check so you can pick the sort that is directly for your needs.


What is a National Police Checkand How is it Different to an Australian Federal Police (AFP) Check?

National Police Check

A National Police Check is finished by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) and is given through chosen licensed organisations. Every candidate’s name is checked in the ACIC’s ‘People of Interest’ database. The subsequent check plots the person’s disclosable court results and pending charges. These are sourced from all Australian police jurisdictions, be that as it may, certain feelings may not be uncovered as per the enactment of the different police jurisdictions.

Australian Federal Police Check

Directed by the Australian Federal Police, an AFP check records all disclosable court results and pending charges, just as any spent or adolescent feelings, from the databases of all Australian police jurisdictions. While anybody can apply for a National Police Check, Australian Federal Police Checks are accommodated sure conditions, including Australian movement purposes, abroad selection and individuals requiring a check under Commonwealth enactment.

Do I Need a National Police Check or an Australian Federal Police Check?

While a National Police Check gives an essential diagram, it doesn’t have the security and complete unwavering quality of an Australian Federal Police Check. National Police Checks can be falsely given or repeated, while Australian Federal Police Checks have a scope of cutting edge protections to guarantee their legitimacy. 

As the most far reaching and secure Australian police check choice, AFP Checks are imprinted on secure paper to ensure their authenticity. The highlights of this safe paper incorporate light-responsive pictures, heat-touchy ink, and microtype content outskirts to guarantee total certainty.